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people's pink

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A pink that is dedicated to fighting for women’s rights around the world. For every purchase of this colour, 11% of proceeds will be donated to initiatives that provide young girls with an education or grant access to employment opportunities for women in the workplace. This year, we'll be donating to Kurandza. To learn more, please visit

What you'll get: 3 oz. of People's Pink hair dye in a reusable container +  instructions, packaged to you plastic-free.

What you'll need: 

- Pre-lightened hair 

- Gloves (preferably reusable!)

- Bowl (nothing porous) 

- Tablespoon 

- Mixing brush 

- White conditioner (not included) 

How to use:

1. Take your favourite conditioner and place into a bowl. Pour generously so that it will completely cover the desired amount of hair you'd like to dye. Don't worry, huemanity is meant to be buildable and DIY-friendly so you can always add more of each later if needed! 

2. Glove up! Using a tablespoon, measure out the powder relative to your hair length. Our suggested amounts: short hair (1-2 tbsp), medium hair (3-4 tbsp), long hair (4-5 tbsp). 

3. Stir until colour is evenly distributed. Once you have that perfect mix, you can now start to portion out your hair. If you're colouring your full head, start at the top. Otherwise, being at the bottom and work your way upwards. Be careful when applying near your face. Apply the colour to your hair, ensuring it is dispersed evenly. 

4. Avoid all surfaces that your hair may come into contact with. Tie or clip your hair up if need be. Allow product to sit for at least 20 minutes to achieve the brightest and most vivid results. 

5. After you've let the colour soak into your hair, use cool water to rinse out the product thoroughly, preventing excess colour bleeding. Avoid shampooing the hair at this time One the water runs clear, you're good to go dry off! 

Corn starch. Aqua. Fruit-derived colourants. Plant-derived colourants. Fragrance. May contain argan, grapeseed, tea tree, jojoba, olive oil and other fruit or vegetable oils. Do not use if allergies are severe or sensitive to any of the above or its derivatives.

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