We're on a mission

... to brighten the hues of life on our planet. 🌎


Made in Canada, Inspired by India

We source our products far and wide and handpick each hue just for you. Currently, we're frequenters of our sources in both India and Nepal, the birthplaces of our vivid colours and the cornerstones of huemanity.


Hues That Give Back

For every purchase, 11% is donated back to the planet to carefully-selected organizations across the globe. They are all generating positive change in their communities and surrounding environment.



Our Story

The idea of huemanity took hold during a big adventure around the world. It began in early 2019 when all the founders had was a dream to see more places. Despite hardships at home, they decided to book a one-way ticket and start checking off places on their bucket list. The first stop was India. Here, the friends participated in the well-known colourful Holi festival. Mid-celebration, they realized exactly what was missing from their lives: colour.

It immediately became apparent to the two friends why the Holi festival is celebrated among millions. They saw that something as simple as colour could bring people together, and since then, have been seeking ways to invite colour into their everyday lives. Between their drive to heal the world and desire to find a purpose where both their passion for art and travel coalesced, huemanity was born. Their journey has inspired them to pursue acts of giving back and it became the catalyst for huemanity. We invite others to do good while feeling good in being the most authentic versions of themselves through our hues. And so for every purchase, 11% is donated to charitable organizations, handpicked by the team, with values that suit each of the hues.

huemanity seeks to generate change in today’s world as much as the founders have been moved by their adventures and discoveries across the globe. Our hope for all humans is that they're able to be the most authentic version of themselves through hues and feel good while doing so. Thank you for deciding to be a part of that change. Thank you for being you, with hue.


With love and hues,

Lauren & Isabella

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