Frequently Asked Questions


General Product

What is huemanity and what makes it special?

Inspired by the Holi festival in India, we saw the versatility of the uses of powders, from festivities to dyeing clothing. It was there that we also discovered the capability of colouring hair and alas, huemanity was born. 

Our products can be easily mixed with your favourite conditioner to create beautiful and vivid hair dye colours. 

Where is 11% of my purchase going?

11% of every purchase goes towards initiatives that we believe make the world a better place. Each colour correlates to different issues across the globe. That’s right, your purchase is helping to make a difference.

What is huemanity made of?

huemanity is made up of corn starch, 
water, natural oils, plant and fruit-derived colouring and just a bit of fragrance! You can find the full ingredient list on our shop page, listed under each product.

Is huemanity toxic-free?

Our products are toxic-free to our knowledge, however note that this product is for external purposes only and we recommend using all safe practises to avoid long skin contact exposure and/or inhaling the product.

What is the best conditioner to mix it with?

We suggest a white conditioner that is viscous and less heavy on the oils in order to pick up the powdered hues and offer maximum efficacy.

Will your products work on dark hair tones?

huemanity may tint dark hair tones but it yields the best results on pre-lightened or naturally light hair.

Do I have to pre-lighten my hair before colouring?

In order to achieve the best colour match, pre-lightened hair is best. The lighter your hair, the more vibrant the colours will be!

What type of conditioner should I use?

White conditioners tend to work best to mix with the powder. Avoid using conditioners with heavy oils as they will not hold the product well.

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

huemanity is forever committed to fighting animal testing and sourcing vegan ingredients. As a company, 
we take overall measures to ensure sustainability! 

We even strive to make our packaging without unnecessary plastics!

Use & Results

How long does huemanity last?

Generally, it can last anywhere from 2-5 weeks. Results may vary. 

Long-lasting colour depends on hair tones, the amount of times you wash your hair, and other hair products you use in combination with huemanity.

How do I perform a patch test?

Completing a patch test helps to assess for allergies. Mix a small amount of powder with your conditioner and put a thin layer behind your ear, close to the hairline. Monitor your results for the next 24 hours before applying on the rest of your hair. Discontinue use of product if there are any signs of irritation.

How do I perform a strand test?

A strand test helps ensure the colour is what you really want. It’s easy!

   Mix a small amount of powder and conditioner in a bowl

   Pick up a pencil width strand of hair 

●   Apply the colour to the strand

   Wait at least 20 minutes

●   Rinse off and dry your hair to evaluate if the colour is a good match

How often should I touch up my hair?

You can touch up your hair depending on the hair goals you are trying to achieve! You can use huemanity for a vibrant look or a pastel hue

Will huemanity damage my hair?

huemanity will not damage hair as it is mixed with conditioner, creating a luscious shine and bounce mixed with a bit of hue!

What are some aftercare tips?

1. Wash in cool water for a longer-lasting hue.

2. Avoid washing everyday as hues may fade after each wash.

3. Avoid direct contact with rain or submerging underwater such as swimming in the ocean or pool.


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